Get Freshers Job

How It Works?

We understand how important is to get right candidate in a lesser amount of time when there is real urgency for project!!! Hence we avoid all common pitfalls to reduce time and efforts spent on getting right candidate.

Fed-up with the identical typical approaches practiced by many, Our Consulting team in Get Freshers Job has developed a unique and fresh approaches for recruitment and trainings.

This is how it works!!!


Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment - Step 1
We understand our client organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure and culture

Recruitment - Step 2
We listen, undersatnd and identify your requirements thoroughly. Then map these position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, primary skills, accountabilities key results areas and other important details. We also suggest suitable changes – If required and start search process.

Recruitment - Step 3
Keeping in mind the exact requirements, our team will establish a search strategy to effectively target desired candidates. Once the target industry/company list is Established, we will utilize our source and networks along with our database to develop an initial candidate list. Our expert recruiter team will make calls to candidates from that candidate list and evaluate them with the aim of determining an exact profile match with the job. In addition to technical and personal interviews, we also do Psychometric assessments if needed. For the most appropriate candidate, we will prepare detailed evaluation summary/synopsis to facilitate the interview process.

Recruitment - Step 4
Once you receive a evaluation summary report and detailed CVs, suggest is the most likely match. Then we will help you to set up telephonic or face to face interview with these shortlisted candidates. On receiving feedback from the candidates and you, we will work along with you to draw up a final shortlist.

Finishing School Program Procedure (How it works?)

Campus Finishing School Program - Step 1
We listen & identify your requirement thoroughly and run a feasibility check to be sure. We also suggest suitable changes – if required and start the process.
We evaluate and shortlist candidate (B.E./MCA) using following criteria :-
  • Good written/verbal communication skills
  • Confident and can work independently
  • Good grasping skills
  • Basic IT & Analytical skills

Campus Finishing School Program - Step 2
We design and review Basic Foundation training course with your delivery team.
After confirmation, we deliver 4 weeks of training followed by internal exam and Foundation level certification.
Taking software Testing training as example :-
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Certification – ISTQB.

Campus Finishing School Program - Step 3
We will design and review Advance customized training course with your delivery team.
After confirmation, we deliver 4 to 6 weeks of training followed by internal exam & Small project work.
Taking any product implementation testing as an example :-
  • Duration – 6 weeks
  • Project work – Oracle Apps (HRMS) or Sales force

Note: Our Area of specialization :-
  • Testing
  • CRM & ERP Products
  • Sales Force,
  • Siebel
  • Oracle Apps,
  • Absolute Technologies like Pascal, Cobol etc.
  • C# & Java

At Get Freshers Job we all use very unique innovative but at the same time simple methods for all our services which helps us to reduce any forthcoming issues.
Keep hiring & training through Get Freshers Job - let us grow.